The fragility of objects lies in their structure; we order concrete forms around us to communicate our needs. Despite it all, life is more like a Mikado game, where learning how to take pieces from their designated place, without being affected by what comes later, relies in the ability to control the movements with which we touch something physical and the coordination we do it with.

Die_Cast, formed by Velvet and Zoerism, presents a series of interventions in situ questioning the different manners to generate tension in a space, where the architecture of a place is the canvas that unveils as any empty shell can or not contain the echoes of what we are and we can stop being.

In the exhibit at TOBA Gallery, as in life, the spaces and their context affect us, as much as we have an effect on them. Energy, tension, animadversion, care, brittleness, velocity. We always need a place of refuge to prop our emotions and, usually, the physical space that we take in the world helps us identify what we consider important and what vanishes about us.

The radical aspect of material objects, taken to a deeper level, is that sometimes they become an extension of ourselves and when we take everything that is useless of a materially perfect life, it may even lose its imperfection. It is in that dialogue, between change and loss, that the beauty of things acquires value. —Enriqueta Arias