As part of their October openings, Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles will present Japanese Artist Yumi Yamazaki in Gallery II with the new show Moku. The title, like the work itself, has many layers to its meaning. Depending on the Japanese kanji, it can mean silence, to see, to cleanse, to rise, or even simple objects like trees and smoke. These definitions all apply to Yamazaki’s painting style which the artist describes as, “a deeply cleansing ritual that allows me to see and reveal my inner feelings. Most of my work is inspired by emotions that I struggle to express physically. They are manifestations of my silent emotions that rise to the surface.” This body of work was created out of necessity, providing Yamazaki with a safe and stable outlet in a time of turmoil.

Yumi Yamazaki is a Japanese artist based in Los Angeles, California. Yamazaki's love for art began with her love for animated films which led her to pursue an education and career in art for entertainment. Yumi now works commercially as an artist and art director for entertainment and spend sthe rest of her time concocting traditional drawings and paintings in her cozy little SoCal based studio.