YESNIK x JAYBO Showing For Better or Worse

September 05, 2018

F-U (For the Unconventional) Gallery will be opening a two-person pop-up exhibition featuring new work from YESNIK and JAYBO. On view for only 3 days, between Sept 7-9th, the show will be introducing all new works by the two artists who were immersed in the 80s and 90s underground street culture and design and are now producing new works far outside of their comfort zones.

YESNIK (previously known as Dave Kinsey), will be debuting new works on canvas as well as previously unseen large sculptures. Still working with nature as the main source of inspiration, he is arranging the organic elements into abstract cairns, exhibited in barren landscapes. Reflecting hues of warm pinks, blue-greens, and deep red oxides, and regularly featuring pieces of vintage books pages, these still life-like compositions also suggest the existence of another narrative existing simultaneously with the main image. Also inspired by nature, the Mojave Desert specifically, the new series of sculptures are built by cutting and assembling of small wooden shapes into totem-like abstract compositions. These are then reduced into almost geometric shapes and enlarged in cast bronze, or cut out of steel, aluminum, or wood. The results are monumental objects that represent the balance between an unplanned, organic process and a carefully organized composition and production.

Throughout his artistic career Jaybo Monk has been a street performer, hip-hop musician, graffiti artist, and finally a fine art studio artist working in a variety of mediums and techniques. From photography to sculpture "he rightfully refers to himself as a disorganizer, further complicating - as opposed to making sense - of our already complex world." The works presented in For Better or Worse include composite portraits, an abstract take of classical art form built from a variety of references, from photographic sources, images of sculpture, and other forms of representation. Along with those, Berlin-based artist will be exhibiting the new sculptural assemblages which are serving as a witty commentary on contemporary life, while playing with the idea of absurdity. —Sasha Bogojev