"Even though graffiti can be visually aggressive, dirty, and disturbing to a lot of people I consider it carries many values humanity should be aware of and look up to," Portuguese-painter Nuno Viegas says of the inspiration behind his newest body of work. "Values like brotherhood, teamwork, dedication, loyalty,  passion, equality, amongst others, while having fun and living the moment pumped by adrenaline – to FEEL ALIVE!"

To name a show, Yard Romance, as Nuno has for his showing at Thinkspace through November 7, 2020, there is a bit of nostalgia and longing for the way things were. And there is a lot of stories and works being made in a state of reminiscence, and for Nuno there is a beauty in his love of graffiti and the opportunities it has afforded him as an artist. And Nuno is a tactician with paint, executing the clean lines and almost hyperrealistic results. 

"Technique is definitely something that triggers my attention," Nuno says. "Seeing other artists work which I consider technically better than mine is always pleasant and exciting. A constant reminder of what is possible to do and that there is always room for improvement." 

Yard Romance features a series of 8 paintings, all with a nod to the streets (the hooded figures) or youthful play (the paper airplanes) and an iconic ode to LA with a Dodgers logo shirt mask piece (good timing with the World Series we may add). Mostly, the works are a loving tribute to where Nuno has come from and where he is heading next. As he says, "I have huge respect for this scene and consider this way of life inspiring besides all the negativity associated with it..."