Jeff Gillette makes the apocalypse look, well, merry? It's not only that he shows us the shattered remains of false happiness after a destructive event, but that he constantly and consistently antagonizes one of the largest purveyor of happiness in the world. His newest solo show, Worst Case Scenario, running at Copro Gallery from June 9—July 7, 2018, re-iterates Gillette's passion for pushing the boundaries and creating work that depicts a true reality behind the facade of media.

From the gallery: Inspired by his many vacations to India In a continuing series of what he calls “Slumscape” paintings, Jeff depicts his experiences in the environments of many of the shanty town areas where it's hard discerning the trash from the architecture. Most of Jeff's paintings feature Disney characters either prominently, hidden or dead in the piles of debris. Also Included in the show are a multitude of sculptures that mimic the detritus that is the material used by the slum inhabitants to create their impromptu homes. In one painting he portrays the litter-strewn mud banks of the horribly polluted shoreline of Mumbai India in a whole new light. "I have a particular recollection of an early morning stroll near the Mumbai bay. After rounding a corner of a row of shanties, I saw about a dozen slum-dwellers crouched, pissing on the shoreline." 

Gillette's new show at Copro Gallery will run from June 9—July 7, 2018.