Win a personalised iconic Series 7 brush from Winsor and Newton

March 09, 2017

Just 50 of the brushes, handcrafted in a unique process that gives the Series 7 its reputation for unrivalled performance, will be created by the company's expert brushmakers.

Winsor & Newton's Series 7 brushes are crafted with a meticulous attention to detail that has long made them beloved of artists the world over, who know they can rely on them to perform perfectly. Now the brand is offering the chance to own one of a strictly limited edition of size 6 brushes, finished with your name on the handle.

Born in 1866 on the orders of Queen Victoria, the Series 7 has been handmade ever since in a 20-step process designed to ensure finely balanced spring, extraordinary capacity and outstanding flow control. Each brush is crafted in Lowestoft, England, by brushmakers with more than 40 years' experience.

At every stage, rigour is their byword. Only the finest Kolinsky hair is used, and each strand is measured. That allows the brushmakers to mix several different lengths in a method called taper dressing; it's crucial for achieving the distinctive elongated tip that gives such superior control and accuracy. To obtain the celebrated 'domed' shape, the brushmakers then skilfully twist and roll the hairs between their fingers.

Once complete, the brushes – made in 13 different sizes, from 000 to 10 – are inspected under a magnifying glass to make sure no there are no broken hairs, or 'blunts'. Finally, they're tested with the same uncompromising precision, so the makers can be certain each one offers the even colour and flowing, gestural strokes that have been prized by artists for more than 150 years.

For a chance to win, watch the video above and answer a question on the competition website.

Learn more about the Series 7's unique quality and performance here.


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