Stephanie Chefas Projects is delighted to present Arizona based artist Ben Willis and his inaugural solo exhibit with the gallery: Wavy. Blending elements of architecture and geometry, Willis explores the relationship between color, pattern, and material in a mesmerizing fashion. More than multi-layered, his pieces exhibit otherworldly and even alien-like qualities as they permeate your eye-sockets with their three-dimensional identities.

No stranger to experimentation, Willis pulled out all the stops for his latest show. The result is a dazzling array of unique styles and patterns, packing serious visual power into a compact space. While unmistakably varied, the work remains unified through its use of vibrant color and illusory pattern. "Wavy" describes the flow of one piece to the next, his manipulation of materials, and the hypnotic resonance of each individual piece. This is visual indulgence of the highest order, further elevated by the artists' masterful control over his medium. Look once and then look again as time wiles away outside your purview.