Watch Now: Henrik Uldalen On His Practice, New Works and the Making of "Metanoia"

Jun 11, 2018 - Jul 12, 2018JD Malat Gallery, Lonodn

Henrik Uldalen has become one of the leading painters of the New Contemporary movement (and the most followed). On June 11th, 2018, the London-based painter will open a new body of work, Metanoia, at JD Mallat Gallery in London. After watching Henrik paint his first muiral in Stavanger, Norway a few years back, his practice and style is quite stunning, a deliberate but also freeing process that makes for serene and dreamlike compositions. 

Chop em' Down Films and Juxtapoz caught up with Henrik to see the process of his newest paintings, as well as gather some insight behind the works. The comprises of 17 new paintings from the South Korean-born, Norway raised painter.

Film by Chop em' Down Films

Sink 2018 680x1024

Dole 2018 1024x1024

Flutter 2018 683x1024

Metanoia will be on view from June 11—July 12, 2018