Wataridori: The Nomadic Art of Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada

Apr 20, 2017 - May 22, 2017TOBA, Mexico City

Zosen Bandido and Mina Hamada, two prominent street artists from Spain and Japan (respectively), are going to be a part of a collaborative show at TOBA Gallery in Mexico City until May 22nd. The show is called Wataridori, which is a Japanese word meaning "migratory bird". This refers to the paintings in the show, some of which were made in Barcelona, New Orleans, and Tokyo, but have all ended up in Mexico City.

The two artists met in October 2011, and since meeting eachother have travelled and collaborated extensively with eachother. Their work is an expression of the way they collaborate and interact with the communities that they paint their murals in. This continuous traveling is the catalyst and inspiration for the show.