In this duet exhibition at Everyday Mooonday, the two artists would like to present the idea of infinity through finite art works on the common topic of the cosmos within their own worlds. Vanguards of the Cosmos is about venturing into unknown spaces. “Cosmos” speaks to both the physical and metaphorical universes in which we live, and “vanguards” are people who lead the way into uncharted territory

In their new body of work, the artist duo Giorgiko explores the emotions connected with the human experience of stepping into the unknown. Giorgiko depicts some characters stepping into new places with hope or faith, while others proceed with trepidation or fear. Whether playful or pensive, these 12 oil paintings form Giorgiko’s most cohesive body of work yet exploring the human response to the unknown.

If Giorgiko’s cosmos is a result of introspective exploration of the self, moonassi’s cosmos is a macroscopic perspective of the cosmos expanded from the interior to the exterior or from private experiences to relations with others. Within the universe of life, encounters with others are a collision with other cosmos and by allowing these adventures to happen, we walk the journey of unpredictable and wavering life. The artist portrays how our universes grow and enrich infinitely through relationships with others, opening up new paths in our erratic and coincidental events in life.

The adventures of the characters in Giorgiko’s works may seem like inconsequential scenes yet they remind us of the repeating light and dark moments in each of our lives. moonassi’s work depicting the encounters of individual cosmos further creates a space of contemplation on the organic connection with others.

Each artwork is the artist’s microcosmos. Through Giorgiko’s world of self and moonassi’s world that expand through relationships with others, we hope the viewers open up their curiosity to what the cosmos may look like and to the existence of self and others in this cosmos. —Daye Shin