Alicia McCarthy is currently in Brussels where she is working on her debut solo showcase with Alice gallery that opens on April 4th. The Oakland, California-based artist will introduce a new series of her iconic "urban rustic" works, which will include pieces on paper, on panels, found objects, as well as a large wall piece she is working on as we speak.

As one of the key figures of Mission School art scene in San Francisco, along with other artists such as Barry McGee, Rubi Neri, Chris Johanson or Margaret Kilgallen, McCarthy has been renowned for her deeply personal, creative, free, and sincere approach that successfully transforms her punk attitude into poetic and colorful shapes. Purposely using found objects and any materials she can get her hands on in order to transform them into abstract, yet poetic works of art, her intuitive and inclusive work process is in direct opposition with an increasingly technological society that surrounds her. Through signature zigzags, intertwined lines, vibrant stripes, or mesmerizing net-like creations, McCarthy is expressing her bohemian life philosophy and appreciation for DIY and a raw and low-fi aesthetic of punk culture and graffiti.

Fully dedicated to hands on approach to creation, the imperfections and personal marks are an essential elements of her colorful creations that radiate the energy of her community of artists and friends. This is resulting in small, spontaneous group presentations of friends' works which regularly accompany her solo showcases, and this time she is accompanied by her studio and art comrade Kellen Chasuk. —Sasha Bogojev