Everyone is beginning to gear up for the Fall art season, with teasers and previews starting to pop-up. We caught a glimpse of one show we have our eye on: Todd "REAS" James will be showing for the first time with Over the Influence in Los Angeles in a show titled, There's No Place Like Home (editor's note, we have now updated with installation images). The prolific NYC-based artists looks to have taken his ideas surrounding the "Vandal's Bedroom" installation work from his past and applied it to his new painting series, with still-life rooms covered floor-to-ceiling in almost teenage homage. 

As the gallery notes: "Featuring mostly large-scale acrylic paintings, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME elaborates on the artist’s recent theme of surreal interiors rendered in a lush, saturated palette. These are deeply personal spaces, populated with slightly abstracted objects, which form engaging compositions that draw the viewer into the artist’s world.

"These rooms call to mind intense adolescent years, and give a nod to all the oddballs, outcasts, junior criminals, nerds, punks, and otherwise socially incapable individuals whose bedrooms become shrines to the cultural artifacts that make teenage life worth living.

"Pubescent touchstones abound in dense compositional fields: Fantasy art, pornography, Dungeons & Dragons manuals, comics, and magazine covers all harken back to a time when all we seemed able to control was what we thumbtacked and taped to our walls."