January 2016 cover artist and Juxtapoz x Superflat artist Trenton Doyle Hancock is set to open a new body of work at James Cohan Gallery in NYC. Being one of the best storytellers in contemporary art, the Houston-based artist expands his universe in this new series paintings.

From the gallery, "Comprising a new series of paintings, this exhibition by the Houston based artist further expands his interest in storytelling. Hancock has long been admired for his ability to meld a deep and personal interest in narrative with a particularly rigorous and physical approach to painting. His intricately detailed compositions are loaded with imagery from a collection of sources, including comic books, action figures, motifs from childhood, and grand manner history painting, creating an ever-expanding lexicon to tell the tales of the Moundverse and its cast of characters. In these new paintings, Hancock engages the full breadth of his aesthetic arsenal, unfolding his mythology with a pantheon of new quasi-deities and villains alongside Torpedoboy, Hancock’s superhero doppelgänger."