We often talk about an artist's "universe," and when we say that we are talking a lot about the artist's ability to create a unique aesthetic and recognizably original world. Spoke Art has taken this idea and added a really interesting a fun spin: the tondo. The tondo is a circular painting, and in this case, we are literally observing a glimpse through a portal at the artist's universe, a perspective, that when seen together in over 50 works, creates a unique group show presentation. 

TONDO 2021 takes over 50 artists from around the world all creating artwork on a round canvas or “tondo” as a theme; the result is a stunning installation that invites the audience to escape through a porthole into each artist’s world.

Spoke Art will have the opening on Saturday, April 3rd for the opening of TONDO at their San Francisco location. Online release on April 3rd at 10am PT on spoke-art.com. The exhibition will be on view April 3rd - April 24th by appointment only. Appointments are now available and can be scheduled here. 

Artists include: Aaron Nagel | Abigail Goldman | Alex Garant | Anthony Hurd | Arthur Brouthers | Brian Mashburn | Brin Levinson | Caitlin McCormack | Caroline Ji | Casey Weldon | Chris Austin | Cindy Derby | David Molesky | Drew Merritt | Erica Williams | Fenway Fan | Frank Gonzales | GATS | Glenn Arthur | Gustavo Rimada | Hanna Jaeun | Harry Michalakeas | James Thistlethwaite | Jason Edmiston | Jessica So Ren Tang | Joshua Horkey | JP Neang | Kristin Essenpreis | Kristin Kwan | Lindsay Stripling | Louis Masai | Matt Ritchie | Miles Ritchie | Neryl Walker | Paul Neberra | Peter Adamyan | Roos van der Vliet | Rose Couch | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Scott Listfield | Scott Scheidly | Sean Mahan | Tatiana Suarez | Michael Ward | Yumiko Kayukawa | Zachary Oldenkamp