Tomoo Gokita's "Beauty" @ Mary Boone Gallery, NYC

Nov 02, 2017 - Dec 22, 2017Mary Boone Gallery, New York City

One year since his last showing with the gallery, Tomoo Gokita is coming back to NYC for his 3rd show with Mary Boone Gallery. From November 2nd until December 22nd a new exhibition of paintings titled Beauty will be on view at their Fifth Avenue location.

The show will include a new series of portrait paintings titled Mature, where the Tokyo-based artist uses photos from fetish magazines as a reference, Gokita portrays these women without his signature distortions or grotesque elements, showing a significant level of admiration towards his subjects. Technically much more carefully executed, they are still rendered through his signature filter of bold brush marks and delicate gradients between black and white.

The other series of paintings that will be on view are the Fake Cézanne paintings in which he recreates still-lifes by the "father of modern art," but implementing countless shades of grays instead of Cézanne's carefully selected tones. Again applying his unmistakable aesthetics to a familiar format, the artist is evoking the grainy, nostalgic reproductions instead of vibrancy of original masterpieces, paying tribute both to the French master and the vintage art journals he grew up with. —Sasha Bogojev

All photos copyright: Tomoo Gokita, courtesy: Mary Boone Gallery, New York