Taka Ishii Gallery recently announced the opening of SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery, a new concept-based store in Hong Kong which will exhibit and offer artworks by their artists and other select products. Changing the selection of works in approximately three-month cycles, the inaugural showcase will be directed by Tomoo Gokita.

The idea of the Japanese gallery is to create an experimental retail space that will transcend the boundary between “gallery” and “shop”. Allowing artists to individually and freely explore the boundary between product design and artwork creation, as well as exhibiting and retailing, space will be co-curated by their artists. For their 1st showcase, they selected an artist with a rich experience in designing and producing a diverse type of works and working with a variety of mediums. Their program will continue with lighting designer Michael Anastassiades in Spring 2019, and photographer Nobuyoshi Araki in Summer 2019.

For the SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery opening, Gokita produced a series of new works painted in acrylic gouache on plywood and paper, over publicity photos (the first time for the artist working with such medium), along with some rare sculptural works. Additionally, numerous T-shirts, as well as CD’s and LP’s with jackets designed by the artist, will also be available, mostly featuring motifs related to professional wrestling. Famed Japanese painter will be in charge of the music selection through the duration of the cycle, as well as playing tunes on the opening night alongside his good friend, Japanese musician Towa Tei. —Sasha Bogojev