If there was ever the ability to paint a sense of peacefulness and urgency on the same panel or canvas, Cuban painter Tomás Sánchez is the master. His landscapes, aerial views and embedded dense works of rain forests, are stunning to behold and a reminder of what is at stake on our planet. This is the land that could be a folktale one day, and Sánchez paints like our natural world was a fairy tale of long ago. And yet, they are contemporary with very much a serenity now aura. Extended through Saturday, February 26th, Sánchez' Inner Landscapes is now on view at Marlborough NYC.

From the gallery: Inner Landscape shows the prescient juxtaposition of two parallel bodies of work: paradise on earth and vast fields of trash. Tomás Sánchez’s hypnotic vistas cannot be attributed to any specific geographic location; they are entirely imaginary. Often alluding to his many travels and his garden, these paintings are, first and foremost, guided by his daily practice of meditation, which he has maintained for nearly five decades. Sánchez writes: "When I enter a state of meditation it’s as if I’m in a jungle or a forest; the mind enters into a great exhilarated state, like an exuberant jungle where you can experience fear, desire, anguish—all types of emotions and feelings. When I begin to feel that there’s a point of inner consciousness everything goes toward that inner space, that inner river. Everything goes toward that place of quiet, that realm of tranquility within the forest where there is a lake."