Todd James' Has the Ultimate "Electric Ritual" @ Alice Gallery, Brussels

Sep 06, 2018 - Oct 27, 2018Alice Gallery, Brussels

One of the most prolific creatives out there, Todd James, recently opened the new gallery season with a solo exhibition at Alice gallery in Bruxelles. Only a few months since his latest showcase with Dio Horia gallery on Mykonos in Greece, the NY-based artist is back to Belgian capital for his 3rd show with the gallery, Electric Ritual.

Divided into two types of work, the new paintings are further exploring James' ongoing themes and subjects. One is focused on lascivious women that are lounging indoors, at the beach, or simply enjoying the never-ending entertainment coming from their phone screens. Stripped of outlines or exact representation of form, these large canvases have that romantic feel of Matisse's collages, while regularly stepping onto the "naughty" side. Simultaneously, these works are now further exploring the concept of paintings within paintings which we talked about with the artist at the opening of his most recent show with Eighteen Gallery.

The second series of works is one step closer to abstraction, but at the same time, they are more connected to James' graffiti roots. Featuring loosely illustrated skulls or fighter jets, simplified portraits, pipes or smoke, they are showing the variety of motifs and visual that the artist is interested in. Regularly re-introducing imagery from his past, as far as his graffiti characters, these creations can also be enjoyed as abstract compositions of vibrant shapes. —Sasha Bogojev