Friends! If you are in Los Angeles this weekend, or tonight specifically, head to opening of Tim Biskup's Smoke at SADE, his first solo show in LA outside of Face Guts, in over 7 years! The show will feature Biskup's transition into canvas works that are taken from his now famous drawing practice, seen widely on his IG that is about free form expression. 

"Drawing is meditation," Biskup tells us. "My attention is on what is emerging. Like watching life form. I don’t know what it’s going to be. My goal is to avoid attaching to what my mind is trying to get me to do. The materials are common, so I don’t feel much restraint to the flow. What emerges is deeply personal and therapeutic. The task of transitioning these drawings into a painting was once a fructration ... but is now an equal form of meditation. It’s about taking care of the image. Guiding it onto the wall with its integrity intact. The paintings are like monuments to the specific temporal moments when the drawings happened."


Tim Biskup // Smoke opens to the public on Friday, November 17th from 7-11pm at Gallery Sade Los Angeles located at 204 S. Avenue 19.  The show will be on view every Saturday and Sunday from 1-6pm and by private viewing appointments at all other times until Saturday, December 17th.