During 2016 Art Basel week in Miami, Tim Biskup teamed up with curator Christopher "Jillionaire" Leacock, Xavier Burt and Poplife, to created a bar, dancehall, and art gallery rolled into one. The result is "The Dog", an immersive experience that bridges the gap between contemporary art, culture, and music.

Photos by @sashabogojev

For this project, the LA-based artist created, and is still creating, numerous panels and interventions that are placed inside and out the art bar. From graphite on paper to spraypaint and tape interventions and mural on the facade, the whole place recently went through a complete Biskup makeover. The name of the bar came from a painting that started as abstract, but suddenly contained a figurative elements—a dog. This project will include collaborations with other artists, musicians and business people while providing fun place to hang out. —Sasha Bogojev

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