As a part of their ongoing "4+4" program which shows 4 artists in their 4 galleries around Paris, Galerie RX is currently showing solo show by Thomas Canto in their "glass room" space. Structuring Shadows is a big homeland comeback for the Lyon-born artists after showing works and creating installations around the world.

Photography by Juan Cruz Ibanez

Only few weeks after revealing his installation at Centre Pompidou, Canto opens a solo show inspired by the space itself, its raw architecture and glass ceiling. With light being a main element in recent works, this was a perfect setup for him to further experiment with shadows and perspective. Using wall painting, sculptural acrylic glass elements and nylon wire, he created a grid of perspectives that interact with each other and result in a weightlessness and vertigo inducing visual illusion. Along with the installation, Canto presents a selection of smaller artworks that showcase his artistic evolution during past years. Using similar elements like in his larger installations, these works are meticulously assembled mixed media pieces that create an artificial moiré effect and represent structured abstract architecture landscapes.