We don't know the exact moment that Scott Listfield began working on his newest exhibition, This Is America, opening with Thinkspace Projects on May 30, 2020. To look at a damaged, reimagined, empty American landscape during a time when a pandemic has ravaged this nation from sea to sea, urban to rural, seems almost like an intended backdrop for these works. Listfield's lonely astronaut has long looked at our extinction, whether through climate change or other disasterous decisions we may make. And yet with Covid as our current reality, no matter where you live across the globe or in America itself, these scenes feel as if they are closer to our lives than ever. 

"It's 2020 and we're living in the future. We can't go outside and there's no more toilet paper. This is America," Listfield says of his newest show. "It's 2020 and an election is looming. Like a lot of people I've been wondering if this is a turning point in American history. But which way are we turning?... It's 2020 I'm not sure I recognize the America I live in. There's a sense of menace in this country that feels hard to escape. And yet despite that feeling, the future is not yet written. It's not over for us. We still live in an endlessly beautiful country. We've chipped away at it, through deliberate efforts and our own carelessness. But it's still there. It's not to late to do something and I wanted to capture that sense of hope amidst some dark times." 

Here is Thinkspace's rollout of their openings this weekend: 
Saturday, May 30 at 12:00PST, a video tour of their new exhibitions will go up on their Instagram TV, and 1-2PMPST they will go live on their Instagram to tour the new exhibitions + the artists on hand to briefly discuss their new shows.

Sunday, May 31 at 2pmPST, they will post a full set of installation photos from both exhibitions to their Facebook and blog, and on Monday, June 1 at 4pmPST, they will share a link to their self-guided virtual tour of the new exhibitions on all social networks