The Work of Sergio Barrale

March 14, 2017

Sergio Barrale's massive graphite drawings draw influence from religion, utilizing layers of texture and detail to express incredible power and sternness.

"A lot of people talk about quitting their job to chase dreams. Sergio Barrale quit his job at NwhyC, moved upstate NY and is a full-time artist. Working entirely with graphite on canvas, the magnitude of his pieces are incredible. Finding influence from religion, using size and magnitude to convey power. His pieces perfectly convey a time when religion was unbelievably powerful. The clergymen have a stern, judgmental, look of almost disgust. The faces have layers of unbelievable texture, so much attention to detail. Sergio also works with bone structure, creating abstract images morphing skulls together. He is a master of his craft, an expert with a pencil."

via Seventhemag