For Mexico City-based graffiti artist Buytronik, irony and absurdity are the bases for his creations. Whether it’s a mural or a collage, there seems to be an explosion of information, humor, critique and even simplicity. There aren’t any pretensions in his compositions, just a straightforward representation of what looks like a precise moment in the artist’s train of thought. In his collages he uses a common Mexican elementary school material called “monografías”, illustrated summaries of various historic, health and social themes meant for children.

He carefully arranges them to create impeccably balanced nonsense, depicting a Mexican national hero next to a dinosaur, the incongruity of everything that happens in the society he lives in. For his mural work he has authenticity on his side, real street art mocking the intellectual art world because it needs no approval to be more than what it intends to be. —Ivonne Alcántara

To get an insight of Buytronik’s anonymous world make sure to check out his Instagram account, @gatobanton, and enjoy mere snaps of his work and his ludicrous surroundings.