Chelsea Wong's paintings capture a sense of sharing and community. There is a positivity, an almost utopian vision of life lived together and in harmony. In some ways, the works are that sort of jarring positivity, but look deeper, and they are conversations about what it is to live in a diverse and evolving place amongst others. The Sun's Energy, her newest solo show opening at Hashimoto Contemporary in NY on August 14th, is her inaugural solo exhibition with the gallery and debut solo exhibition in New York City.

"As with all my compositions, I paint diverse groups of people enjoying themselves," Wong says of the show. "I come from a mixed-race family and would have loved to see more role-models that look like me growing up. I believe we are all entitled to joy, happiness, and celebration. It is how I connect with the world. As the title of this show suggests, The Sun’s Energy, we are all beings on this planet sharing the same sun, soaking up the same warmth, and deserving of it’s good energy."

For the exhibition, the artist challenged herself to paint scenic compositions inspired by some of her most cherished memories. Drawing from real life and infused with a heavy dose of whimsy and imagination, the series of colorful paintings take the viewer around the globe, sharing uplifting stories of beautiful moments the artist has witnessed. Through heavily stylized and idyllic imagery, Wong creates an encouraging visual statement promoting joy, acceptance and openness to one another. Through her work, the artist celebrates racial and cultural diversity, promoting working class communities and evoking a sense of curiosity and wonder.