The Story of Mr. Wash: A Self Taught Painter Who Was Wrongfully Incarcerated for 21 Years

May 09, 2018

A few months back, our founder Robert Williams told us about a painter he had met named Fulton Leroy Washington. Washington, or Mr. Wash for short, has had an incredibly non-traditional path to success as a painter, stemming from his 21 year stint incarceration for a wrongful conviction that was supposed to last the rest of his life. While incarcerated, Washington honed his exceptional painting talent, sending his paintings back to his daughter who spent innumerable hours advocating for his release, which came in 2016 when President Barack Obama granted Mr. Wash executive clemency and freed him from prison, allowing him to reunite with his family after already serving over two decades of his sentence. 

Recently, Wetransfer worked with Wash to try and tell his unique story in a short film. The movie documents part of the illustrious story by chronicling small moments in his life, while he, remaining ever-charismatic, shares pieces of his story in conversations with his family, friends, and community. The film was directed by Sean Mattison and Marisa Aveling, and edited by Picture Farm editor Winnie Cheung. Stay tuned for our interview with Mr. Wash, which will be featured in our Summer 2018 issue and on our website.