Less than a year since his last showing with at the same space, Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo is presenting the new works by Keiichi Tanaami. But this time, Tanaami is collaborating with London-born, Los Angeles-based artist Oliver Payne. Timing the show with Sakura season, Perfect Cherry Blossom features a new series of collaboration works presented in their 2017 two-person show, Hammer Project: Oliver Payne and Keiichi Tanaami, at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, as well as selection of new works by each artist.

As a fusion of Tanaami and Payne's respective artistic sensibilities, this showcase is continuing on the work that was introduced back in 2011, when the British artist applied bullet hell stickers (inspired by the Japanese video game DonPachi), onto a series of Greek sculpture images featured in an old art book. This time, he did the similar thing upon images drawn by Tanaami, depicting humanoid characters reminiscent of monsters or ancient deities, creating a vibrant mixture of diverse styles that share similar influences. As a true fan of his Japanese colleague, Payne created his work by transforming the logic of fandom and turning his own vision of Tanaami's work into new pieces. His seemingly chaotic array of projectiles, bullets, bombs, and other forms of ballistic assault, evokes the grid of a classic arcade game and navigates the viewer through this chaotic world. The exhibition also features Tanaami's latest colored drawing and collage work, while Payne is showcasing his most recent silkscreen works. (A sculpture by Hajime Sorayama is also on view in the gallery)—Sasha Bogojev  

Perfect Cherry Blossom will be on view at Nanzuka in Tokyo through April 21, 2018. 

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