"Language of Memory" at Superchief Gallery LA is a collaborative art, sound and installation experience with interactive elements conducted by John Felix Arnold III and Andrew Kline.

"Language of Memory" is akin to the worlds of Kirby, Lichtenstein, Kienholz, Duchamp, and the RZA swirling and colliding into one moment, but only as Arnold and Kline could realize. The exhibition is a highly conceptual vision of a post-apocalyptic future in which iconic characters and reference from our current world take on a larger presence and meaning within a new society. This is a time in which humanity's obsession with power and dominance led to the creation of living war machines that turned on their creators, having destroyed the world as we know it. In this reality concepts of survival, spirituality, memory, and existence have taken on new meanings. This is Arnold's world of Unstoppable Tomorrow, opening at Superchief LA this November.