The Growlery Hosts Muralist Bud Snow's "Mortal Portal"

May 20, 2017 - Jun 09, 2017The Growlery, San Francisco

Bud Snow is an international mural artist, whose public work explores primal, sexual, and subversive themes. Her solo show Mortal Portal is the culmination of a three-month art residency at The Growlery. New mixed-media paintings, sculpture, masks, costumes, performances, installations, and video will act as a cohesive and conceptual "portal for the visiting mortal."


Bud Snow shape-shifts common objects, paint, and paradigms: art as an avenue to the metaphysical. “The work becomes a meditation on vibrational reality, both in the viewing and the making of it. As a practical alchemist I use non-bias materials to elevate and connect others; this is the key to the collection." At once contemporary and prehistoric, Snow’s work is thoughtful in the now, turning non-precious materials into precious relics; uplifting symbols of violence, sex, politics, animalism, and the mundane.  


Among other recent large scale projects, Snow recently directed a 40-foot collaborative mural in San Francisco’s Mission District (see below)