As the fall season rolls on, Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles is set to kick off October with a major group of solo presentations of works by Kai and Sunny, Ian Francis, Handiedan and Hikari Shimoda. Today we look at the abstract and mind-bending lineworks of London-based Kai and Sunny, our friends who we featured in our Juxtapoz 25th Anniversary show in Miami last year and continue to be at the forefront of wonderful op-art based paintings. The duo's newest body of work, The Great Curve, is a look at the natural world and the patterns and marks their practice is inspired by. 

"The Great Curve is inspired by the force and energy found within nature," the duo tells us. "The works explore the relationship between line and color, shifting through dynamic color changes. The pieces create infinite movement and naturalistic rhythm appearing both serene and ominous at the same time. The process is a methodical building of thin intricate lines upon each other using acrylic paints on canvas.”

The gallery is hosting a virtual opening on Instagram Live (@CoreyHelfordGallery) on Saturday (10/3) from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm PDT, giving fans a visual tour of each show making its debut and featuring guest appearances from each of the artists (using a split-screen view) who will be sharing insight into their new works and fielding questions. After opening weekend, the show will be available to view online (on the gallery’s website and Facebook page) or in-person until November 7th (by appointment only due to the cities COVID-19 restrictions).