Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present The Garden a solo exhibition of new dimensional works by San Francisco-based artist Sean Newport. Comprised of the artist’s signature dynamic, geometric wood sculptures, the exhibition blooms with riotous color.

Inspired by the sense of sanctuary and community within garden spaces, Newport’s works reflect the bold colors and design found within nature. Newport’s newest works, titled Flower Puzzles, are formed from individually cut and painted wood shapes that unfold into undulating patterns like petals. Accumulated together, the works create a field of kaleidoscopic blossoms. Each component shape is a microcosm within the larger sphere of the composition as individual pieces of beauty to create the whole.

Bursting from their frames, the sculptural work shift with its environment. Adapting to the movement of the viewer, orientation of the work and the play of light and shadow across the surface, the pieces play with color theory and optical effects. Newport’s meticulous craftsmanship invites us to stop and examine the arrangements growing within The Garden.

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