From March 10—April 1, 2018, Quiet Noise art gallery in Tokyo will be showing two solo exhibitions by Yuma Yoshimura. Titled "Magirekonde-shimaeba" (If you got into a flock) and "Gyakusou" (Reverse run), these two shows are a continuation of artist's ongoing series, Flock, that speaks about organization and solitary life.

Working exclusively in black and white, Yoshimura prepared a series of aluminum-mounted on wood panel pieces where he draws  intricate imagery using marker, acrylic, spray, and grease pencil. Reflecting a sense of uncertainty and chaos in daily life, these particular works are focused on his visions of our journey through all social involvement. Taking a sheep as a main motif in this body of work, the artist is portraying an imaginary landscape inspired by a world of order and disorder. Creating a comparison between "sheep following the herd" idea and people trying to fit into preconceivedsocial expectations, Yoshimura works are abstract, surreal pieces in which patterns represents the repetitive nature of interaction. Showing the solitary life as the final stage of that journey, the artist is also speaking about ideas of alienation, a growing issue that both Japanase and Americans can identify with. —Sasha Bogojev