The Daily Grind vs Real Life: Huskmitnavn Opens Two Shows @ V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

Oct 27, 2017 - Nov 18, 2017V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

On October 27, 2017, V1 Gallery will be showing double solo show by Huskmitnavn, marking their 15 years of collaboration between the artist and gallery. For this large undertaking, the artist produced a body of work titled Work It, that will be on view in gallery's main space, as well as Framework that will be revealed in V1 Gallery’s gallery II.

The first exhibition, Work It, will show the results of artist's heartfelt investigation of the dynamics of everyday life and our contemporary work lifestyle. Through 34 new works on canvas, paper and a sculptural installations, the Copenhagen-based artist will question at which point regular life stops and the work life begins. Rendered in his signature flat, cartoon-like style, with accents on humor and attention to familiar details, he created a coherent body of work that is easy to identify with but is incredibly witty and smart. Enabling the viewer to observe the daily grid from a new perspective, these pieces are somewhat a critique of the non-stop work, bustling lifestyle of 21st century.

The second show, Framework, is focused on the space between content and context, something Huskmitnavn has been actively exploring through his artistic career. For this particular show he created 15 new works that reexamine the most basic artistic formats—paper and canvas. Taking these formats and their elements as guidelines for the works, the images cleverly transcend from their flat surface in unexpected and ingenious ways. Challenging both the artist and the viewer Framework is a playful exhibition that shows artist's evident ability to look and think well "outside of the box." —Sasha Bogojev

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