The Ballrooms of Mars: Lowbrow Royalty, Camille Rose Garcia, Opens New Show in Rome

Feb 24, 2018 - Apr 07, 2018The Ballrooms of Mars, Rome, Italy

There are few artists with the influence over the past 25 years of Pop Surrealism and Lowbrow art cultures quite like Camille Rose Garcia. To call her royalty is almost an understatement: she is not only one of the most famed female painters of her generation, but she practically invented a style of folkloric, narrative-based, cartoon-goth painting that we see so much today around the world.

Starting on February 24 and running through April 7, 2018, Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome will kick off their 2018 schedule with a brand new solo show by Camille Rose Garcia, entitled The Ballrooms of Mars. It seems ideal, as even we at Juxtapoz being to look at our 25th anniversary in 2019 that the always solid Dorothy Circus begins a strong string of shows of some of the giants of Pop Surrealism, leading themselves through 2018 and into 2019 with shows with Garcia, Marion Peck, Ray Caesar, to name a few. But beginning with Camille Rose Garcia is like beginning with a pillar of the whole scene, and as the gallery notes, "With this exhibition, indeed, Garcia marks the beginning of a new path of artistic investigations, entering a new phase of her career. By mixing colours with lines and stark contrasts, the artist invites the public to enter a new territory and to walk the path that leads through imagination, beauty, the critique of the every day and the vibration of music that accompanies us every day through emotions and feelings."

Since our early days of covering her work and the features and cover stories that have come after, we know one thing about Garcia: she has impeccalbe taste in music. So much show that the title of the show, The Ballrooms of Mars, comes from a T.Rex song from his 1972 album, The Slider. And the show "explores the outer space dimension, the mysterious features of Space and the universal language of nature made of “patterns in the vibrations of sound.” We are led in a journey through distant and magical dimension, in which we encounter mysterious creatures and Ziggy Stardust-like characters – born from Camille Rose Garcia’s imagination but also undoubtedly influenced by popular heroes like David Bowie." (You may remember Garcia's Bowie tribute after his death).

With her icons in tow and a bit of fresh perspective going into the new year, Garcia presents 16 new paintings for Rome. Be sure to check it out.