Tessa Perutz' Karma Solaire @ Pablo's Birthday, NYC

Feb 15, 2018 - Mar 15, 2018Pablo's Birthday, New York City

From February 15th to March 15, 2018, Pablo's Birthday Gallery in NYC will be showing Karma Solaire, a solo show by Tessa Perutz, created in loving remembrance of artist's dear friend, the artist and poet, Paul Saeio. For her 2nd exhibition with the gallery, Chicago-born artist painted a new body of work consisting of 8 big and mid size oils on canvas.

The drawings made during the two memorial ceremonies for her late friend in his native Bourgogne countryside were the starting point of this bold and emotive body of work. "In portraying the surroundings in Burgundy, I aim to bring Saeio’s existence full circle, documenting his life at its beginning and end. Many of these works contain secrets relating to Paul that continue to reveal themselves." says the artist about these highly personal and intimate works.

Applying collage-like aesthetic Perutz is constructing her paintings by simplifying the image to distinctive shapes of solid, vibrant colors. Completely removing any depth or light detail, replacing them with fiery hues, the finished compositions form figurative images that clearly depict the desired motifs. Almost completely abstract when examined from up close, the images start to reveal themselves when observed from a certain point. It is at that moment when the striking color palette completes the work, adding the right atmosphere to the entire piece. By portraying the beautiful surroundings of Burgundy, Perutz wanted to honor the unique spirit of her late friend, as well as celebrate the plentiful world of nature, and Saeio’s adoration for the outdoors and the freedom he found in nature. —Sasha Bogojev