Celebrating its Tenth Anniversary, Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to open a group show on January 6th, 10 Years, that honors and celebrates the artists that have helped shape the gallery’s past, and who will help move the gallery well into the next successful decade. It is a combination of all these artists who have helped place the gallery in a vital role in the broader conversations of contemporary art. We are thrilled and humbled to be able to continue to provide this platform for our artists.

Even as an East Coast gallerist, Joshua Liner always tapped into “California Cool.” When Liner ran Lineage Gallery in Philly, and then moved to NYC to open his namesake gallery ten years ago, he brought a roster of West Coast-centric artists that made his space distinct in the Chelsea art scene. This continues today, with Northern California naturalists like Tiffany Bozic and Serena Mitnik-Miller, sophisticated skate-influenced painters such as Geoff McFetridge, Andrew Schoultz and Evan Hecox, and contemporary talents Hilary Pecis and Libby Black. For their Ten Year Anniversary Show, Joshua Liner Gallery will tap into that Cali vibe, but also expand into some of the gallery’s European reach with Parra, along with the abstract experimentations of Sam Friedman and Johnny Abrahams, and world-famous collector stalwarts like Wayne White and Kris Kuksi. The anniversary celebration isn’t so much a look back for the gallery, but a collective focus of where the gallery’s curation goes for the next decade. “As we bring these artists together, the exhibition will be a thoughtful and exciting thank you to so many people who have helped us maintain a space that supports emerging talent,” Liner told Juxtapoz. “This component of the art world comes with many challenges, and I hope this show will accomplish a recognition for all the hard work that has gone into creating a successful space for so many artists.” —Evan Pricco

The anniversary show will run from January 6—27, 2018