First Amendment and Temple Children are teaming up for a curated exhibit in First Amendment's downtown San Francisco location. The show is titled LESS IS MORE: Exploring Mindfulness and Conscious Consumption, and will feature work from MEGGS, Jessie and Katey, Lauren YS, Ellen Rutt, and many others.

LESS IS MORE aims to open dialogue surrounding hyper-consumption as a dominant driver behind environmental degradation and climate change. This experiential collection navigates between the macro and micro, highlighting the myriad effects that individualistic decisions have on Earth’s fragile natural resources and ecosystems.

Temple Children is an experimental arts and sustainability platform uniting a diverse global community of creatives to generate collaboration for positive change. In search of a collective consciousness, this dedicated group challenges us to look inward and recognize the interconnectedness between human beings and our environments.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, August 10th at 7pm at 1000 Howard St. San Francisco, CA.

The exhibition will be followed by Creativity as a Catalyst for Social Change, an Artist Talk and Climate March Workshop with featured artists, MEGGS, Askew One, Jessie and Katey, Patrick Ethen, Thing Thing’s Rachel Mulder and Simon Anton on Saturday, August 11 from 1 - 4 PM. 

Featured Works and Installations by
ASKEW ONE - MEGGS - Jessie and Katey

Group Exhibition featuring
Aaron Glasson - Cory Martin - Cryptik - Ellen Rutt - Emad Rashidi
Jet Martinez - Jonny Alexander - Kai Kaulukukui  - Lauren YS
Matthew Eaton -  MIMI - Ouizi - Patrick Ethen - Paul Johnson - Rick Hayward
Sam in the Wolf - Thing Thing - Wooden Wave - Yoskay Yamamoto