Take a Look Into the Mind of George Condo

May 16, 2017

On March 11th The Phillips Collection opened a major survey of drawings and “drawing paintings” by George Condo. George Condo: The Way I Think features approximately 200 drawings, sketches, and sketchbooks along with several “drawing paintings,” which allow visitors insights into his peculiar mind and creative process. 

Best known for his humor and unprecedented pictorial inventions, this survey gives a comprehensive overview of how his recognizable visual language has evolved over the years. From his early childhood drawings of dinosaurs at the age of 5, to first experiments with figurative abstractions, to some of his most recent concepts. The showcase is also giving a strong accent on his peculiar relationship with painting and drawing process, which eventually resulted in  “drawing paintings” series that started in 2009.  Challenged by the primacy of painting over drawing, Condo continues to explore the reciprocal relationship between the two media as an essential part of his artistic practice.––Sasha Bogojev

All images courtesy Skarstedt Gallery and Sprüth Magers