Chandran Gallery in San Francisco will open "Witch-Wife," a collaboration show by former Juxtapoz cover artist Swoon and featured artist Monica Canilao, on February 19, 2016. The show will feature new works in both painting, block-prints, wheatpaste, sculpture, installation, and murals. For Brooklyn-based artist Swoon, this is the first time in a few years we have seen her in a gallery setting with this much new work. From our small preview last week, the installtion and sculptures are some of the duo's most ambitious works to date. 

 From the gallery: 

“Witch-Wife”, the bygone term for a woman that practices witchcraft, is a light-hearted reference to herself and her longtime collaborator, artist Monica Canilao. Working together on the installation, they create an otherworldly panorama that centers on a sculptural haven containing dreams. These dreams were collected from Swoon’s Dream Reliquary where strangers anonymously share their stories. For the installation, the artist will experiment in creating 3D forms in-the-round, a departure from her method of layering 2D elements to create depth.

More to come after the opening on Friday, Feburary 19th from 7—9:30pm.