Surreal Details: Paco Pomet @ Richard Heller Gallery

May 14, 2016 - Jun 18, 2016Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica

Spanish artist Paco Pomet is a master of deception. What appears to be a classic oil painting with classic and tame motifs turns into a twisted, contemporary pop-culture comment, with great craftsmanship and ideas. 

Through June 18th, 2016, Paco Pomet will have a series of new works on display at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica. Paco says of the work, "The act of looking causes an excited perplexity in me. I can't get used to anything that I see, and so nothing bores me and nothing entirely convinces me. The manifestation of the visible is renewed every instant, although the appearances and our natural tendency to safety and protection lead us to think that we have found a valid, everlasting formula to interpret the world. It seems that this formula – normally dressed as culture – is determined to be a sort of armor-plating against something that we are fascinated by and that we fear: change, uncertainty, the unknown, the future. That culture we turn to often operates as a suit of armor, sunglasses, boots, a compass, air-conditioning apparatus or an umbrella and ends up preferring to be a prosthesis that protects us from the rough weather of life’s meaninglessness."