If you think Amsterdam's Mini Galerie has been chaperoning artists Raymond Lemstra, Tim Biskup, and Josh Jefferson, for their three-person show Supervision, check for yourself. This is the first time for the artists have collaborated together after years of mutual appreciation, and they play well together.

With each artist nurturing their own unique visions, this is a super view of the world where abstraction infuses figuration in a hands-on approach to the creative process where both futurism and indigenous art connect the works. Lemstra builds his minimalist masks fascinated by the phenomenon of pareidolia, Jefferson assembles pieces from disparate brush mark cutouts and pen or ink splatter sections, and Biskup goes all out by deconstructing his iconic characters and using their forms to construct vibrant abstruse compositions.

While supervision implies direction, management, or oversight, the works by these three creatives literally present a super vision resulting in an altered or hyper-stimulated perception. Either built from brushstroke rich, mosaic-like sections, from discarded or antiquated source material, or cast from unique shapes and forms, the pieces in the show disclose the existence of an intense parallel reality. Whether it's Lemstra's balanced mixture of futuristic and primeval, Biskup's playful psychedelic vibrancy, or Jefferson's tactile material experimentations, the selection of clearly distinctive works form a fascinating concept. The artists plan to continue this collaboration with more projects, possibly realized through Biskup's Face Guts space in LA.
Text and photos by Sasha Bogojev

Supervision is on view at Amsterdam's Mini Galerie through September 28, 2019.