StraVolti: 11 New Pop-Surreal Masterworks by Marion Peck @ Dorothy Circus, Rome

Apr 21, 2018 - May 28, 2018Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy

StraVolti is the title of the new show by Marion Peck, opening on April 21st at pop-surreal powerhouse Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome (who also showed the great Camille Rose Garcia earlier this year). Back in the Italian capital after more than 10 years, one of the most recognized pop surrealist artists will be introducing a series of 11 new oils on canvas, continuing upon the recently opened My Furry Lady show of mostly pencil drawings at Dorothy Circus Gallery in London.

Inspired primarily by Picasso as well as the distorted portraits of Francis Bacon (but also Cubist experimentation and the interpretation of perspective plans), this all-portrait exhibition marks an unprecedented stage of her artistic career. By mixing classical pictorial technique with modernity, Peck painted a series of timeless surreal portraits of subjects of different ages, represented on a neutral background, stripped of any indication of their social identities. Although executed to perfection in a Renaissance manner, the images are turned towards contemporary themes and fundamental psychological theories, with an accent on fragility and insecurity that comes along with perceptual alteration. Through deconstruction and reconstruction of their features, the artist still manages to highlight the elegance and the beauty of her subjects, questioning the idea of beauty and uniqueness. —Sasha Bogojev