Stohead's 13 Strokes Works

May 13, 2017 - Jun 24, 2017BC Gallery, Berlin

Berlin's BC Gallery is currently showing 13 Strokes, a solo show by Christoph Häßler aka Stohead. After years of working in graffiti and developing several different styles based on his calligraphy, this time he is introducing his most minimalist, restricted approach to creating work.

By combining his recognizable liquid smoke with calligraphy elements and adding new spray paint or brush strokes, he has taken his abstract painting to a new level. Creating compositions that provide the right balance to allow a coexistence of each element was the main focus of the artist when producing these vibrant pieces. Due to his vast experience with different techniques, compositions, formats and materials, Stohead looks for more than just an aesthetic result to his paintings. Able to envision the size, position and color of used elements, the final creations are filled with tension and depth even when consisting of simple objects such as blunt yellow line or round tip letter. Constantly evolving and reinventing his work and techniques used, Berlin-based artist managed to do this with several different styles by never discarding one for the other but by going back and forth between them. And this body of work is a well balanced synthesis of all the previously used elements and styles seen in his previous work he has been producing for the last couple of years both on the streets an in his studio. —Sasha Bogojev