Still-Lifes and Real Life: "The House Plant Show" @ SWIM Gallery, San Francisco

May 26, 2018 - Jun 18, 2018SWIM Gallery, San Francisco

One of the great trends over the past 10 years in Juxtapoz coverage of the art world is the re-imaging of the still life and the interior painting. You know, paintings of plants, kitchens, home decor, you name it. Jonas Wood is the master of it. Now, in 2018, there is a great group of emerging artists who are approaching still life art with a fresh eye, original content and a wide-ranging points of reference. SWIM Gallery in San Francisco just opened their second show, The House Plant Show, which explores this idea of new approaches to still lifes and, literally, painting house plants. The show runs through June 18, 2018.

The House Plant Show was conceived out of a resentment that turned into an embracement. The house plant has seemed to hit an all time high in popularity as a subject matter for contemporary artists. In a moment of frustration, artist/curator Yarrow Slaps posted on his Instagram, “Stop Painting House Plants!”. His bold statement caused an onslaught of criticism, likes, comments, and conversation. This rippling effect over social media caused a change of heart for Slaps. Lifelong friend, curator and artist Auguste Somers suggested to bring all of their favorite Bay Area artists under one roof for an epic group show which solidified the idea. Instead of denouncing what seems to just be a trend, SWIM Gallery now invites you to come celebrate the house plant in all of the shapes, sizes and forms that they take on.

As SWIM Gallery’s second exhibition, curation team Yarrow Slaps and Auguste Somers have put together 39 artists for The House Plant Show. Some of the participating artists are known for using house plants as the main subject matter in their work, while others will be showing a house plant themed work for the first time.

ARTISTS: Rafael Arana, Bagger43, Robin Birdd, Craig Calderwood, David Castañeda, Gina M. Contreras, Kate Dash, Rabbit Garci,a Jordan Goldin, Matt Gonzalez, Casey Gray, Andres Guerrero, Lena Gustafson, Esther Marie Hall, Chad Hasegawa, Terry Hoff, Joonbug, Sahar Khoury, Jon Levy-Warren, MARS-1, Nathan Mckee, Carmen McNall, MCXT (Monica Canilao + Xara Thustra), Robert Minervini, Gary Paintin, Erik Parra, Rye Purvis, Grace Sanabria, Liz Yoshiko Schmidt, Muzae Sesay, Jenny Sharaf, Yarrow Slaps, Anthony Torrano, Anna Valdez, Paige Valentine, Cate White, Odysseus Wolken and Maryam Yousif