Always on the cutting edge and with one of the most influential names in the emerging art scene, Steve Lazarides created a phenomenon with his namesake gallery in London. Now, they celebrate a decade of shows. From Banksy and David Choe, JR to Conor Harrington, Lazarides was one of the key players to transform street art into a gallery and auction house staple. From the gallery, on February 12 "Lazarides will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a group exhibition from the gallery's most celebrated and pioneering artists. For the landmark exhibition, the gallery has invited back those artists who have helped shape the gallery to take over their flagship space in the heart of London's Fitzrovia.

Featuring 3D, Aiko, Anthony Lister, Antony Micallef, Banksy, Brett Amory, Chloe Early, David Choe, Doug Foster, Faile, Frank Laws, Gary Taxali, Herbert Baglione, Hush, Ian Francis, Invader, Joe Rush, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Karim Zeriahen, Katrin Fridriks, Know Hope / Addam Y, Lucy McLauchlan, Marcus Jansen, Mark Jenkins, Miaz Brothers, Mode 2, Nina Pandolfo, Oliver Jeffers, Pete Hawkins, Ron English, Sage Vaughn, Scott Campbell, Sickboy, Stanley Donwood, TEACH, Todd James / REAS, Vhils, Xenz, Zevs