Spoke Art Hosts The 6th Annual "Moleskine Project" With Rodrigo Luff

Jul 08, 2017 - Jul 29, 2017Spoke Art, San Francisco

The sixth annual Moleskine Project, a group exhibition curated by Sydney-based artist Rodrigo Luff and gallery owner Ken Harman, is kicking off at Spoke Art in SF. This dynamic format-driven group exhibition spans across the globe, artistic professions, styles, and media to delve into the intimacy of the artists’ sketchbook.

With over 50 contributing artists, the latest installment of the exhibition continues to evolve and expand on each artists’ individual practice and the commonalities within the ubiquitous sketchbook. Allowing viewers and artists alike to peek into the intimate realm of the art making process, each piece plays with the balance between refined finality and lingering thoughts yet to be completed.

Co-curator Rodrigo Luff describes the show as “a tribute to how artists have developed and grown by using sketchbooks to dive deeper into the personal realms that fuel their artwork, exploring new ideas, concepts and even experimenting with different media and styles. An energetic visual dialogue of imagery flows from frame to frame, forming a collective sketchbook that allows us to appreciate the radically individual approach taken by each artist.”

Participating artists include: Bagger 43 | Shawn Barber | Johan Barrios | Kelsey Beckett | Benjamin Bjorklund | Jana Brike | Adam Caldwell | Kim Cogan | J.A.W. Cooper | Nico Delort | Dulk | Jeremy Enecio | Valentin Fischer | Jayde Fish | Vanessa Foley | Greg Gandy | GATS | Frank Gonzales | Matthew Grabelsky | Naoto Hattori | Jessica Hess | Justin Hopkins | Stella Im Hultberg | Miles Johnston | Viktor Kalvachev | Hope Kroll | Aaron Li-Hill | Sergio Lopez | Travis Louie | Alex Louisa | Ryan Malley | Jeremy Mann | Alessandra Maria | Brian Mashburn | Marco Mazzoni | Nadezda | Aaron Nagel | Phil Noto | Zach Oldenkamp | Dan Quintana | Jane Radstrom | Michael Reedy | Matt Ritchie | Nick Runge | Jana Schirmer | Daniel Segrove | Beau Stanton | Tatiana Suarez | Henrik Uldalen | Nicolas Uribe | Nate Van Dyke | Emilio Villalba | Brian M. Viveros | Helice Wen | John Wentz | Timothy P. Wilson | N.C. Winters | Kate Zambrano