Peter Chan is about to Spin And Go, just like his show, which is about to close at LA's iconic Giant Robot gallery/store, featuring a series of colorful creations primarily based on the artist's everyday life. Following his 2017 Simple Things showcase of work on paper, this exhibition presents works on panel, depicting fresh new imagery.

While Simple Things focused on an urban scene, Spin And Go expands a cast of visuals sourced from different everyday encounters. From portraits of toys and his pug, to screenings of wrestling and boxing matches, to home and grocery store minutia, Chan converts sleepy snapshots into dynamic stills. Composed of seemingly haphazard patches of color, each piece constructs a unique and coherent atmosphere. transporting light, depth and perspective through a unique masking/painting method, this exceptional colorist composes a particular visual language from the computer screen optics inspired by the traditional impasto painting technique. Sasha Bogojev