“In Ribbons and Connotations, I share my most recent works created during the coronavirus pandemic," Soey Milk says of her newest solo show, opening at Corey Helford Gallery on July 3, 2021. "Through creating in the time of new emerging rules and regulations of everyday life, I explore the simple gaze I longed for, the touch, the kiss, the powerful shared silence of understanding, and of course, love. Here, I present everything with appreciation... Our ever so unique and shimmering bands of life have been detached from each other, created blunt cuts and frayed edges, but I believe in the mending and healing of cuts, which will become a base for a new bloom. Whether it is a cut or a new flowering, the stories I know and tell are the ones I have lived and know.”

Downtown Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery is proud to announce their next major solo show with the return of Soey Milk. The Los Angeles-based, Korea-born portrait artist will premiere her third solo show at the gallery, entitled Ribbons and Connotations, on Saturday, July 3rd in the Main Gallery.