Superchief LA's Bill Dunleavy debuts the work of Sickid, who breaks the traditional mold of letter-based renderings to attract attention to one's name. Instead, the graffiti and fine artist unleashes a wide array of characters and environments to communicate his energy.

For his first-ever solo show entitled SMILE! You’re on Camera, Sickid produced 40 paintings and a large-scale immersive installation featuring a church and strip club fabricated in his style. The show’s title references the intimidating, common security sign, intended to challenge would-be criminals, while the name also encourages viewers to present their best selves in a world where faults might be embraced and deviant qualities just might be appreciated, all challenging the idea of maintaining an ideal appearance in society.

sickid flyersm

His works are irreverent, placing figures in situations possibly perceived as taboo or unacceptable, like hyper-eroticism, awkwardness, and masculinity. The characters, adorned in a style that reflects alternative comic culture and early Japanese animation, feel festive, residing as they do, in a strong, saturated palette. With compositions spread far and wide, from Los Angeles neighborhoods to international locations such as New York and Tokyo, Sickid has developed a unique approach to fine art where he's comfortable working on elaborately detailed and refined pieces.

Sickid also plans to release his first book of collected works, Teenage Bedwetter, with Superchief Publishing. The book features a wide swath of Sickid’s billboards, drawings, paintings, and ephemeral clippings.


Smile! You're on Camera opens at Superchief Gallery's LA space on July 20th and is on view through Friday, August 9th, 2019.
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