Copro Gallery and artist Cam Rackam are hosting a selection of 10 new oil paintings. Rackam will be speaking at the gallery before the artist reception at 4:30PM, during Bergamot's 'Spring Fling,' so be sure to stop by to hear some illuminating conversation from the artist.

Cam Rackam grew up surrounded by different cultures and art styles, his work taking on an array of influences, but most prominently, the old masters and illustrators such as Caravaggio, Zubaran, and Velázquez. 

While attending Cal State Fullerton's art program, he worked as an illustrator and art director for Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Danzig, and even Paul McCartney. His work is primarily oil, but he is also a very adept sculptor and adds hand-made dimensional art to many of his iconistic frames.